Qualifications & Costs for Investors

Your Capability as an Investor

There have been many financial processes developed in recent years to make it easier for the average person to participate in deals like this. You will work with the Phillips Luxury Homes team of financial advisors to help you understand your personal capabilities, limitations, risks, and benefits of entering into such a deal.

There are several vehicles that you will have the option to choose from to fit your personal profile as an investor. The team at Phillips Luxury Homes works with loan brokers and processors in sufficient quantity to gain loyalty and priority for all their projects.

The first step in the process is to see what your investment capability is. This will depend on:

  • Your assets — Paints a picture of past success
  • Your credit score — Demonstrates your ability to manage and prioritize
  • Your salary

The Right Project for you

Not all projects are created equal and most have many variables—location, timing requirements, costs, size of house, whether there is an existing house on the property, etc. The team at Phillips Luxury Homes will work with you to scope the project to fit the best possible outcome and match this with your own capability and tolerance for risk.


The costs to you as the investor will vary with the project you are embarking on. Due to recent changes in the market, you will be required to contact your own financial advisor about working with Phillips Luxury Homes in order to determine the best position for you as an investor looking to obtain a loan. The amount of investment required varies with the scale of the project and is also influenced by your assets and credit score.

To learn more about investing in a Phillips Luxury Homes project, contact us.