Meet the Phillips Luxury Homes Team

Talal Ashek

Talal “Tony” Ashek

President, Phillips Luxury Homes

Tony Ashek was born and raised in Holland where he lived for 19 years before coming to the United States. He attended the University of Arizona where he studied Business Management. With his long-standing passion for building homes, Tony became superintendent for a custom homebuilder. Recognizing that he had found his niche, he obtained his General Contractor license. Tony now offers more than 10 years experience in his specialty of building exquisite custom luxury homes. A solid business background and extensive knowledge of the construction industry enables Tony to excel in cost estimating within residential environments. He is highly recognized for his excellent project management skills, use of technology to track job progress, and ability to control project costs. In addition, Tony’s expertise in scheduling operational tasks that enable project completion on time and under budget make him one of the Valley’s most desired luxury home builders. He consistently delivers quality and excellence in workmanship and maintains an outstanding safety record that stems back more than 10 years.

As the President of Phillips Luxury Homes, Tony is renowned for his honesty, integrity, and ability to produce quality work with desired results at minimum expense and waste. Tony presents contract options and knows how they will impact the cost of your home, thoroughly explaining the specifics and benefits of each option, as he is very committed to fulfilling your vision. You won't find your job site supervised only by a superintendent. Tony personally visits each home site daily for quality control and scheduling. You can bestow your ultimate trust and confidence in Tony Ashek to build a custom home that radiates beauty and strength for many years. Building your dream home should be an exciting and rewarding experience. Tony Ashek is a “builder to believe in”.

Gene Smoudi

Gene Smoudi

Vice President, Phillips Luxury Homes

Gene Smoudi provides Phillips clients with more than a decade of experience and know-how in custom home construction and development. He holds numerous professional and industry certifications and oversees every aspect of the design-build process. Prior to partnering with Tony, Gene owned numerous successful businesses. This experience gives him the scope and proficiency to handle, coordinate, and direct the company's ongoing series of unique demands and opportunities. This knowledge, combined with his steady, reliable insights and commitment to the construction business, has earned him the reputation as "the one who gets it done." Gene is a native of Holland and attended the University of Amsterdam where he studied Business Management. In his spare time, he enjoys attending business seminars, doing outdoor activities, and being with his lovely daughter and wife.

Shahlla Zahedi

Shahlla Zahedi

Director of Design, Phillips Luxury Homes

Shahlla Zahedi is an accomplished interior designer, in both commercial and residential spaces. With more than 20 years experience in interior design, Shahlla brings to Phillips Luxury Homes an exceptional design expertise to strengthen our team of design excellence. Shahlla’s outstanding talent and her degree in Environmental Design from Purdue University helped launch her career as an interior designer in the commercial arena where she worked on large projects including Atlantis Beach Tower Sales Gallery, Lyle Anderson Company, and Avnet Showrooms. Her love of interior design and architecture has included a very strong emphasis on marketing centers, corporate offices, exhibits, and public facilities.

Shahlla's keen eye for design is evident in all aspects of her creativity which seems to know no bounds. Designing and conceptualizing beautiful spaces for Phillips Luxury Homes have allowed Shahlla to showcase her amazing attention to detail.

Beverly A. Cruz

Beverly A. Cruz

Designer / Auto Cad Designer, Atelier Luxe, the interior design division for Phillips Luxury Homes

Beverly’s interest in interior design and architecture began when she was in High School. While a freshman, she picked up her very first copy of House Beautiful magazine at the grocery store in her small hometown of Kremmling, Colorado, and immediately fell in love with studying floor plans and envisioning the layouts of homes.

Beverly took her first drafting classes in High School then went on to college in Fort Collins Colorado to receive her Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Sciences in Interior Design from FIDR accredited Colorado State University. She then moved down to Arizona and immediately started working for high end Interior Design firms and has done so for over 10 years.

While living in Arizona, Beverly has had the opportunity to learn Auto Cad and has also worked with a design company designing homes. The Auto Cad experience that she received has been a valuable part of helping to convey design ideas to clients. While working for Hart Interior Design she had the opportunity to help start up the High End Residential department with Shahlla Zahedi. Together Shahlla and Beverly came up with a specifications book that helped Tony and Gene of Phillips Luxury Homes build a multi-million dollar home in Paradise Valley.

After a small break, Beverly is back again working with Shahlla at Atelier Luxe, designing interiors for Phillips Luxury Homes. She enjoys being a part of such a wonderful company and envisions great things to come for their future.

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